Tanjung Lesung Break a Successful History for Rhino X-Tri, the First Cross Triathlon in Indonesia

Tanjung Lesung Break a Successful History for Rhino X-Tri, the First Cross Triathlon in Indonesia

The most awaited event at the festival is the Rhino X-Triathlon, the first Cross Triathlon Race in Indonesia.

And Tanjung Lesung break a successful history for Rhino X-Tri, the first cross triathlon in Indonesia.

It started on the third day (24/9/2017), Rhino X Triathlon which competes 3 categories: swimming, mountain bike, and running.  This competition is slightly different from other Triathlon because it must take a fairly difficult terrain, especially in the mountain bike.  All participants have to race their bikes on uneven terrain with sand and gravel so it is quite slippery, besides there are many climbs and steep derivatives that demand circumspection and strategy of the triathletes.

Many foreigners were participated in this competition was participated which started at 7 o’clock in the morning and was officially opened by Kadis Pariwisata Eneng Nurcahyati and managing Director PT BWJ, Rully Lasahido.

This competition followed by more than 70 athletes was going smoothly and exciting even though it was a tight competition among the triathletes.

In Men Open category of Rhino, the first finisher is Muhammad Taufik with a record time of 1 hour 50 minutes and 24 seconds.   He struggled to get the first position is not easy, he fell down from his back in km2, as he is not used with the terrain and often race on the main road. This is the first time he joined the triathlon competition in Tanjung Lesung, he commented.

The Rhino X-Triathlon closed its events of 2017 Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung which started from 22th to 24th September.

The first time event really give a deep impression for all participants.  

For the time record and winner of each category, please CLICK HERE

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