MTB XC Marathon & Sunset Trail Run Enliven the Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung at the Second Day
MTB XC Marathon, Tanjung Lesung [23/9/17].

MTB XC Marathon & Sunset Trail Run Enliven the Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung at the Second Day


A series of rhino cross triathlon competitions at the second day’s of Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung. And mountain bike cross marathon held  in the morning and the sunset trail run in the afternoon.

The Governor of Banten, Mr. Wahidin  Halim raised a start flag releasing the  72 cyclists to cover the 48 km distance, completed in three rounds.

Chandra Rafsanjani, from ISSI Pangandaran, the national athlete participated in this race and entered the finish line as a First Champion, followed by Muhammad Rafika from Bandung as a second winner.

Chandra stated that this kind of competition need an extra stamina compared to the similar competition that he has ever experienced.    Chandra also commented that the terrain is quite challenging due to high number of loose rocks and strong winds that require circumspection from all racing participants.

After the Mountain Bike Race Cross-Country Marathon Race held in the morning, then follow by the sunset trail run,  to close the whole sport competitions on the second day of Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung 2017 Event.

The Head of the Tourism, Banten Province, Madam. Eneng  Nurcahyati, accompanied by the Managing Director, Mr. Rully Lasahido  together officially raised up the start flag to start the Cross Country Competition. 

All participants seemed enthusiastic to follow the race and enjoy the challenging terrain that has been prepared by the committee.

The Sunset Trail Run started from Beach Club with no less than 17 km, and through a diverse terrain, such as sandy beaches, pebbly coral, uphill and steep derivative land.

Sunset Trail Run, Tanjung Lesung [23/9/17].
The Sunset Trail Run was planned except for running, all participants and visitors may enjoy the sunset in Tanjung Lesung known as Sunset of Java.

For the time record and winners of each category, CLICK HERE

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